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Welcome to home page of ~astra~. A place where ~astra~ develops applications/services. All applications/services are free for use. Current projects are coded in HTML, CSS, Python and Java. If you have any questions feel free to reach out on Discord (see below for link). A big thank you to those who have helped with conceptualising, suggesting new features, testing and providing invaluable feedback!

What does ~astra~ have?

Please consider trying out Jarvis and providing feedback.

~astra~ Discord

Discord Server:

A small community where you can keep up to date with the latest updates and news. Jarvis changelogs, updates and other going-ons are posted here. Come join us and engage with our chaos.

~astra~ Discord

Jarvis Bot:

A multipurpose discord bot with the aim of being as simple. Featuring: Auto moderation, moderation commands, leveling and custom commands. Jarvis is constantly being improved and updated.

~astra~ Discord

Minecraft Server:

A MC survival server with the intention of keeping things close to vanilla with reliable uptime. For appeals please visit this page

~astra~ Discord

Partnered Discord Server:

Antisocial Ducklings is a chill server which is co-hosting the minecraft server